The joy of coming back home

Find a new horizon of tranquility, freedom and cool air,
only 15 minutes from Bucharest, at the exit to A1 highway.

Living life in the open air

Riverside Residence is a welcoming green oasis to come back
home to nature.

Situated 15 minutes near Bucharest city, apart from the hum drum of the big city, yet developed with all the modern ammenities of urban life, Riverside Residence welcomes its new residents to enjoy nature from within a friendly community.

  • A friendly community
  • Complete infrastructure
  • Modern architecture
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Modern homes
for comfort and hospitality

Riverside Residence is a residential community that brings together one story houses designed with 3 or 4 rooms, integrated in a green urban park, to accommodate family life.

All houses feature a garden with an open-air terrace, complete with a connection to all utilities and advantages of a full-scale urban development project.

  • New and durable houses
  • Modern technology
  • Resistant materials
  • Generous living spaces
  • Contemporary design
Discover a new
residential experience

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Ionuț Butoi: +40 727 706 783 Florentina Gușă: +40 757 068 694 Catalin Postelnicu: +40 765 501 336 Office: +4021 315 53 07
Riverside Residence houses
available for prices ranging

The first residential project
complete with an
encompassing infrastructure

Step one before building any residential house, the Riverside Residence project has consolidated an extensive subterranean infrastructure for the benefits of autonomous connection to energy, water, gas, sewage and all necessary utilities.

The road structure, access points, car and pedestrian circulation spaces are designed to facilitate freedom of movement in harmony with the natural landscape and social dynamics.

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The rivers and forest,
your friendly next door neighbours

The Riverside Residence project is developed in the vicinity of a natural river, close to an elm forest. An artificial river flows through the urban park designed for river front promenade, rain water and sewage management, also to help make the community experience a bit more fluent.

The vision of Riverside Residence is to nurture life outside the metropolitan grid, in a fresh green natural environment, completely integrated with urban advantages.

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Tap water so pure we’ve bottled it

We have successfully drilled to 65 meters depth to reach a groundwater pool with water so pure it’s actually healthy to drink. We consider the water cycle an essential element to sustain the organic wellness of a community.

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You’re at home with the
natural environment

Riverside Residence gives you the freedom to live in a green landscape designed to help family life flourish in harmony with nature.


Accesible prices for a
long-term investment