September 13, 2019

A good farmer makes a good farm – New stages of Riverside Residence real estate development

A good farmer makes a good farm – it is one of the mantras from which we started the development of a residential community at Riverside Residence. Our idea is to grow organically, alongside people, in sync with their lives, to be with them in each phase of the project, to get direct feedback from the community.

The current residents of Riverside understand this and contribute daily to improving the life experience in the natural environment near the village of Ulmi.

  • Second phase of the project – Urban infrastructure and new house construction

The Riverside Residence complex has entered the second phase of the project, a phase that includes the construction of a sector of 70 houses with the help of the Max Edilitar builder to expand the current residential area to over 130 houses. We build on the basis of a Master Plan prepared in development stages to include a gradual and sustainable evolution, both in terms of infrastructure, utilities and local facilities, as well as of construction of residential properties.

We have overcome very important moments for the Riverside complex, the stages of underground infrastructure and the pouring of the bed for the rainwater catchment river, and we are currently working on the promenade that goes along this river within the complex to be available for walks to our residents. We have completed important works of connection with ENEL, we can start the pumps and the treatment plant.

  • Riverside Cup 2019 

We finished the outdoor football field for children, and to celebrate this construction, we held in June 2019 the first junior football championship, Riverside Cup 2019, a sporting event that brought on the field over 100 children from football clubs, supported on the sidelines by parents and current Riverside residents.  We organized a lively event dedicated to outdoor sports and to create direct links between residents in a spectacular atmosphere, football matches. Our plan is to regularly organise dedicated events for Riverside residents, so that we can bring together people who want to be part of a growing community.

Beside the multi-purpose field (football, basketball, tennis, volleyball), the children of the locals are happy to have access to the playgrounds and recreational space for the juniors, constructions completed from the beginning of 2018, with the intention of being extended with each new project stage.

Currently, a walk through Riverside Residence opens up new perspectives on the scale of development, and teams work hard to conduct the work in a discreet manner so as not to disturb the current residents. We are near the forest in Ulmi and the artificial river for collecting rainwater flows into the natural river near the neighbouring commune, so that the connection with nature is direct.

  • A relaxed community

Riverside Residence is a residential community consisting of one-story houses, designed with 3 and 4 rooms, grouped within a green urban park that highlights the natural habitat, where family life can flourish in peace and quiet. The houses are comfortable, with modern design and finishes, and propose as a way of life a proximity to the neighbours, a quality social connection, as well as the possibility to live discreetly, in your own protected space.

At present, the works are approved for the Riverside universal store, a supermarket equipped with all the necessities of shopping for the inhabitants, and the works for the kindergarten and other buildings important for our community begin in 2020. By the end of 2019 the street lighting works will be carried out and the safety, cleanliness and snow removing in the complex will be provided by specialised companies.

The promise of this major project developed by the Belgian company Triple Living is to integrate all the facilities necessary for living in an urban complex built in the natural environment. We are considering any proposal for improvement from Riverside residents because we are building this project for the community. At meetings with the householders, we discuss suggestions and recommendations, listen to their requests and implement whatever may be welcome within the complex for the comfort of everyone.

If you are interested in purchasing a property in the Riverside Residence complex, please call with confidence and schedule a guided tour. Our representatives can give you all the details.

Telephone: 021 315 53 07