September 13, 2019

A happy residential community. Interview with Florentina Gușă, sales agent Riverside Residence

The biggest advantage of living at Riverside Residence is that the Belgian developer Triple Living builds and integrates a modern community with complete urban utilities in the middle of nature, and this benefit will prove its value in the next 3 – 5 – 10 years.

Far from the bustle of the city, Riverside Riverside offers residents the opportunity to breathe fresh air when they return home with the loved ones.

Most of the current residents of the community have opted for the advantage of having a lot of green space available, the forest close and a lot of peace. For our main clients, the distance from Bucharest is one of the main advantages, but for other categories of potential clients, the distance is an impediment. People without a personal car have difficulty moving to the exit of the capital, but we have a connecting bus, and the routes are in the morning and in the evening, and after the development of Phase 2 of house construction, the bus schedule will be hourly.

  • What are the criteria of your clients when they are interested in a property in Riverside Residence?

Our clients want to live in a house larger than the apartment in the city, but very cost-effective to maintain in terms of utilities costs, so we calculated advantageous proportions for living and garden spaces, with offers for several types of sizes and housing variants.

Riverside Residence clients are people who especially want to be away from the noise of the city, to have all the utilities, to live near decent neighbours, to find whatever they need within the complex.

  • What do you expect from the evolution of the Riverside project, how do you see the development in the future?

We build Riverside Residence with long term orientation. We currently have a general store under construction and a series of infrastructure and attraction points to support all the resources of an autonomous community.

The Riverside Residence project is designed in 10-year work stages for full development. The first 2 years were dedicated to the construction of a major underground infrastructure to support a rural mini-city of over 2000 houses. Currently, in the third year, the development areas cover over 50 houses built and the next phase of the project includes the construction of more than 150 houses and advanced facilities.

Riverside Residence is a project at the beginning of its journey and I think it is normal to move at a gradual development pace, but given that we offer special architecture, complete utilities and lots of green space, the construction of an urban community is moving towards a good direction thanks to the new owners who understood the potential.

The people who moved here enjoy the tranquillity of this place, the architecture of the houses, the large and bright windows, and the green landscape around. Those who live in the complex are satisfied that they have all the utilities, they can leave their children in the park, and they can travel by Riverside bus to Bucharest if they wish.

Children are the happiest. They already have the playground and sports stadium where they can perform physical and recreational activities, at the moment; they are young and are not disturbed by the construction of some stages of the real estate project.

  • What are the benefits of working within the Riverside Residence sales team?

In the Triple Living real estate development culture, the exchange of ideas between residents and developers is essential to the efficiency of the project. The designers, builders and project managers of Riverside Residence are organically developing a community that adapts to the needs of the residents.

I work within the Riverside Residence Triple Living sales team with colleagues with experience in real estate and we can discuss personalised packages for all types of clients looking for a living experience in accordance with their lifestyle.

Contact Florentina Gușă for more information on buying a property at Riverside Residence. If you like living in peace and quiet, schedule a guided tour, you are welcome to join us.