Edify a building. Build a home. Grow an urban community.

Riverside Residence is a new urban residential development project that brings together a community of modern houses with green gardens, built with superior technical standards, available with customizable interior designs and extra features.

A location to encompass
a new breadth of peace and fresh air

Riverside Residence is situated in the North-Western part of Bucharest county, set in a natural landscape of rivers and forests, located between Joița and Ulmi villages, away from the urban hum drum of metropolitan living, yet only 10 minutes away from the city, via the A1 highway. The flourishing urban park community welcomes new residents starting today.

  • București
    10 minute
  • Auchan Militari
    15 minute
  • Metrou Preciziei
    20 minute
  • Băneasa
    20 minute
  • Piața Presei Libere
    25 minute
  • Aeroport Otopeni
    25 minute

Easy transportation

Non-driving residents have the choice to use an exclusive transport service to transfer from Riverside Residence to Preciziei and Păcii metro stations west of Bucharest.

  • Autostrada A1
  • Militari
  • Joița
  • Săbăreni
  • Chitila
  • Bucureștii noi
  • Joița
  • Săbăreni
  • Chitila
  • Străulești
  • Ionescu-Sisești
  • Băneasa

Subterranean infrastructure consolidation

Our idea of a flourishing community

The philosophy of Riverside Residence was inspired by the forest in the vicinity of Ulmi village. Our vision was that a residential community can thrive living in a fertile organically landscaped environment, an urban park with complete underground infrastructure, just like a small tree sprout can grow into a majestic tree with roots within a forest.

A residential complex with healthy roots

Step one before building above ground, the Riverside Residence project’s subterranean infrastructure was consolidated to cover a surface of approximately 100 hectars of land, useful to sustain the utilities required for the residential constructions.

We are also building an artificial river for rain water and sewage management, also for pedestrian promenades along a fluid landscape. The river flows into the natural river next to Ulmi village.

Subterranean infrastructure

  • Clean water supply
  • House and community sewage system
  • Electrical energy supply
  • Natural gas supply
  • Public illumination
  • Optical fiber telecommunication

Complementary facilities

  • Public utilities
  • Playgrounds
  • Urban park landscaping
  • Car access roads
  • Pedestrian promenade streets
  • Parking spaces

Construction of houses

Building the houses that build up family life

We have started the construction of the first 45 houses from a total of 136 houses positioned in the first sectors of property developments. The houses are built according to a large scale Master Plan extended to 2000 houses for the future, designed by Triple Living engineers and approved by the local Ulmi town mayor.

The technical quality of constructions, between design and durability

The Riverside Residence concept was designed and developed using top performance construction materials, quality waterproofing and thermal insulation, including interior design finishing touches. We have aimed to lower house maintenance resource consumption and to guarantee the safety of the residents.

We have designed and constructed earthquake resistant houses (up to 8.5 Richter scale) to justify a reasonable investment in durability for safety reasons and peace of mind.

Interior and exterior design

Spaces to breathe and comfortably feel at home

The one story houses are designed with large ground floor living areas, spacious kitchen and windows with lovely views to a private garden. The upper floor is host to comfortable bedrooms, baths and storage spaces carefully designed to ensure a cosy domestic environment.

Custom design to the detail

Your house can have a signature design touch. Each house in the Riverside Residence community is available for custom interior design. Come by for a meet and greet, we will take you on a tour and present you with numerous interior design touches suited by our home decorations partners.

Urban natural park landscape design

We have set the stage for organic development

The Riverside Residence complex is concentrated towards a principal nucleus that groups family buildings, individual and duplex houses. The ensemble is delineated by streets and an artificial river flows along the urban park (and into the natural river next to Ulmi) for pedestrian promenade and rain water management. .

Our construction techniques make the best of the green natural landscape to bring about harmony between the technical and the artistic.

Growing together, with our family and friends

Riverside Residence is designed to house a welcoming community, quiet enough for family life, exciting enough to live in an urban park with playgrounds for kids, a river for pedestrian promenade, complete urban utilities and other special natural attractions.

Starting September 2018, a brand new multisport court will be available for residents that enjoy mini-football, basketball, tennis and volley. Access to the court is free for all Riverside residents.

Community integration of people and local facilities

The quality of life

We have been concentrating on improving the quality of life for each resident. Future developments include each and every particular detail to host family life:

  • Easy access to shopping stores
  • A great natural par
  • Sports facilities
  • Street lighting
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  • Kindergarten and playgrounds for kids
  • Free transportation
  • 24 hours security
  • Video monitoring