September 13, 2019

All roads lead to Riverside Residence; here are 4 simple and fast routes to our green city

  • How to get to Riverside Residence?

Many people ask us how to get to Riverside Residence from different neighbourhoods and sectors in Bucharest, it is one of the main issues that our potential clients take into account when considering a possible move to the Riverside community.

By itself, it is very simple and fast to get to Riverside Residence, at the moment there are four routes, two functional and two in progress. If you want to navigate directly, find the shortest routes with Waze here.

  • Route 1 – Access to the A1 motorway, Bucharest-Pitesti

Riverside Residence complex is located in the North-West part of Bucharest, between Joița and Ulmi, only 15 minutes away from the city by car, directly connected to the city centre by a simple connection with the A1 highway, on the Militari, Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu route.

Riverside Residence Bus: In the event that the residents of Riverside want to leave their car at home, they can use the dedicated bus that runs in the morning and evening from the Preciziei and Păcii subway stations to the Riverside Residence. Currently, the dedicated bus has two routes in the morning, one at 06:45 and one at 08:00 (it arrives at the Preciziei subway station) and in the evening at 17:30 and 19:30 (departure Păcii towards Riverside).

  • Route 2 – Access from North-West, Bucharest

If you are in the North of Bucharest (Băneasa), from Băneasa Bridge you will come to the Ion-Ionescu from Brad boulevard, which leads to George Ionescu Sisești road, make right to the entrance to the Beltway, left to Chitila, then right to the A1 motorway. Alternatively, from the Beltway, exit at Chitila on DN7 followed by the left exit at the Săbăreni forest, then Joița. After passing Joița, you are 5 minutes from Riverside Residence.

  • Route 3 – Străpungerea Ciurel (under construction) 

If you come by car on Splaiul Independenței, you will cross in the future the Ciurel Overpass, a long-awaited project that will facilitate the drivers’ exit to the A1 motorway, on the current beltway to Chiajna. The works at the Virtuţii Interchange with the (current) Beltway of Bucharest and the A1 motorway started in 2010, possibly to be put into circulation in 2020, according to public information from the press. Once these infrastructure works are completed, there will be 3 lanes per direction and the cars will be able to move without stopping, with the green traffic light, within 25 minutes from the Centre to Riverside Residence.

  • Route 4 – A0 motorway (under construction)

The Beltway (A0), the Big Ring of Bucharest, will connect the A1 and A2 motorways in the future, the city of Bucharest with the new southern beltway with motorway profile, much more comprehensive in diameter around Bucharest, a significant improvement for road traffic.

According to the schedule of works, the drawing of the A0 Motorway on the south side began in June 2019. The A0 motorway will connect with the A1 motorway with a road clubs at km 19 (next to the new eMag warehouse), considered a Km.0 in connection with the A1 motorway to travel from/to the South, and then from/to the North of Bucharest, the Otopeni airport. From the road clubs Km.0, there are 4 km to Riverside Residence.

It is so simple in theory, but in practice it will take some time, we estimate.

  • Urban road mobility and connections with the suburb of Bucharest

There are many issues to be discussed on the topic of road mobility, so we will try to be as clear as possible about the current situation of traffic and road options within and to the metropolis of Bucharest.

The future solutions for mobility outside the big city to the developing suburbs are currently under construction and the responsibility of the Road Company, and of the Ministry of Transportation, are only a matter of time, with all the difficulties.

For example, together with Romania’s largest logistics space developer, CTPark, we allocated a budget of 2 million Euros to build a new road bridge near the existing bridge at km 23, above A1.The construction of this new bridge will take 1 year, and after its completion, we will start the reconstruction of the existing bridge. This solution accepted by CNAIR was the best solution to avoid stopping or affecting the circulation of cars and trucks in the area.

We have important development goals in the next 2-5 years, and the vision for the future is one of the keys to success. If you follow the evolution of the Riverside Residence project, we are in the first 3 years of construction of a 10-year development Master Plan. If you want to know more about project coordination, read this interview with Alexandru Hagea, GM Triple Living RO it explains our mission for Riverside Residence in great detail.

  • PS: Remember that the special bus leaves every morning and evening from the Preciziei subway station.

You can even come on foot if you are in Bucharest.

You can contact a representative to find out more about the opportunity to purchase a property at Riverside Residence. If you like living in peace and quiet, schedule a guided tour, you are welcome here.