September 13, 2019

Cristian Achim, Max Edilitar – The intelligent way to build houses

One of the main partners of construction of houses for the Riverside Residence project is the company Max Edilitar, specialised in the execution of reinforced concrete structures for private homes and buildings.

Builder of houses with solid experience, recommendations and excellent results (3rd place in Top Profit Romania Medium Enterprises, 2018), Max Edilitar bases its working philosophy on the motto We build intelligently. Thus, the partnership with Triple Living started under the most favourable conditions of collaboration.

We are speaking with the Manager Eng. Cristian Achim, administrator of the company Max Edilitar, Riverside Residence project manager.

  • How did you conclude a partnership between Max Edilitar and Triple Living for the Riverside Residence real estate development project?

We were recommended by one of our collaborators. This concept works especially in construction: when you are fair and a quality thing comes out of your hands, you always have requests. It has been many years since we have not participated in project competitions, we work with people who know us or recommend us to others, based on our experiences.

  • What were the main execution requests for a home builder?

Riverside Residence is a major infrastructure project, but for the residents, the houses are the most important. Our requests are normal, high quality and standards in the industry. Seriousness, respect for the project and working procedures, complying with the time charts, care for people and nature.

  • What are the technical procedures that you rely on in the construction work of the houses?

We combine manual labour with mechanised labour. Carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, finishers are the key elements, but their work is easier, faster and more accurate if they have access to modern machinery.

  • What are the materials used in house construction and why did you opt for them?

For the structure, we use only approved reinforcing, we pour concrete from stations that guarantee its quality, we block in with the best quality brick. The finishes are special and visible; any defect of material ruins the whole unit. We must not forget, we guarantee everything we do, and the materials and the human factor are the two components that guarantee the success in our field.

  • What are the difficulties you have encountered in the construction of houses?

In general, we face only one difficulty: the seriousness of the people we rely on in the production process, this can positively or negatively affect the time schedule within the project. We do our best to anticipate and resolve along any malfunctions, the project must not suffer; the keys must be handed to the beneficiary on time, a construction of the highest quality.

  • What expectations do you have from the evolution of the Riverside project, at what stages from the Master Plan did you reach and how do you see the development in the future?

The expectations are optimistic. It was love at first sight between us and the project managers. We are aware that the development of the project, in all its phases, depends very much on the success of the sale of the houses we build. That means a lot of attention and responsibility in what we do. We are at the beginning of the capacity examination in this project and we do not want to fail.

  • What are the strengths of the Riverside Residence project?

It is the first project we have come across which started with a smart idea: the infrastructure is executed in the first phase. Roads, underground facilities, handy utilities. This means comfort for the beneficiary, once he/she has chosen to move here. How many great housing projects have you not seen drowned in the mud of access roads, endless ditches or improvisations for utilities that are no longer ending?

  • What are the weaknesses of the Riverside Residence project?

It is a very big project. A true locality will be born in the middle of nature. However, this means a longer time to completion and, for some, and the fear of living in the vicinity of a construction site. We have accepted by contract clear rules according to which we operate within the complex. All for the people who already live here do not feel our presence.

  • How do you apply the Max Edilitar philosophy – We build intelligently – as part of the development of the Riverside Residence project?

Our involvement starts from the design phase. The experience allows us to propose to the designer, where appropriate, technical solutions that simplify the execution, save materials, increase the degree of safety and comfort of the construction. We can come up with such proposals during execution too, and that means building dedicated, smart, and not robotic.

  • What exactly makes a house to be a home?

A house must to give you the feeling of soundness, it is functional, welcoming, it offers comfort and safety for the family, it enjoys the soul and it has all the chances to become a home. Such a house is easy to recognise, your heart twists and you know, without a doubt, that it is the home you want.

On behalf of the Riverside Residence newsroom, we thank Mr. Cristian Achim for the answers offered.

The Riverside Residence complex is a new residential project, located 15 minutes near the city of Bucharest, a major real estate development that offers a new horizon of tranquillity, freedom and fresh air, between rivers, close to the forest. Riverside Residence is a welcoming green retreat where you can return home in nature.

We are developing a comfortable project, with the mission of providing a peaceful lifestyle, far from the bustle of the city, for families dedicated to a connection with nature in the middle of a hospitable community.

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