September 13, 2019

‘I am living a new kind of life, in symbiosis with nature’. An interview with Cătălin Postelnicu, one of the first residents of Riverside Residence

Cătălin Postelnicu is one of the first residents of Riverside, moved to the emerging community (of 5 – 10 owners) at the beginning of the primary stages of building of the streets with houses, and because he liked the project so much, he is currently working as a sales ages for the Riverside Residence properties.

When he arrived at Riverside, he found comfort, silence and fresh air, although the construction work of the underground infrastructure was in full expansion, and the teams were working hard, it full of workers, dust, dirt and construction site. Apart from the first impression, Cătălin saw the potential. The project is developed by the Belgian company Triple Living, with an impressive portfolio of residential communities of this kind built around the world.

He was awed by the landscape, as they say, he contemplated the surroundings and felt the air announcing a favourable future for this real estate development.3 years away, things settled in the Riverside Residence community, and life follows its daily course, in peace and quiet.

  • What is the biggest advantage of living in the Riverside Residence complex and the motivation for eliminating other residential complexes, such as Militari Residence? 

I wanted to leave Bucharest completely, I looked for an oasis of greenery, fresh air, with funny neighbours, about the same age as me (30-40 years) and the desire to live in a modern residential complex, connected to all the necessary utilities, in an anaesthetically attractive and functional home, preferably a turnkey home. I was looking for comfort; admittedly, I was attracted to the idea of living in the extended suburb of Bucharest, far from the dynamics of the big city.  Both physical and mental comfort, I am completely disconnected from the urban stress when I return home; I feel a different kind of life.

It is a matter of mental tranquillity, here I can focus on my hobbies and passions, I am much more centred on my professional life, I go out more often for just a walk, and I have time to think.

  • What are the benefits your clients are looking for when they are interested in a property in Riverside Residence? 

My clients who bought properties were looking for a premium residential complex, infrastructure, community, local attractions and benefits for residents (playgrounds, parks, shops, kindergarten, security and protections), transportation, homes built with a sense of responsibility. Riverside Residence got them all, but the development of this project is carried out in stages, and most of the essential criteria have been met.

The children are happy that they have the park where they play and they feel safe that they can play and walk anywhere in the complex without any problem caused by traffic, dogs, strange neighbours, or construction site. The works are carried out at a sustainable pace and the construction areas are managed very discreetly.

  • What difficulties did you encounter when moving to Riverside Residence? 

Some development stages took longer, which delayed the completion of some exterior finishing and landscaping, which disturbed the local community for a short period. We are happy that we have overcome the first difficulties, now the work goes by itself, and the plans in the sketch can be seen in reality.

  • What improvements do you recommend for the good of the Riverside community? 

We are now working on the communication system between residents and the developer Triple Living, setting up a homeowners’ association to record any problems that exist, to solve the particular situations of the residents in a timely manner and to maintain close communication with the community. I already manage this connection informally, but an administrative structure is needed.

  • What do you expect from the progress of the Riverside project, how do you see the development in the future? 

Work has started at the universal store, the security and protection system, including security measures at the complex level will be implemented, and the construction stages of the next 100 houses have begun to increase. The pace of work follows the plan very well; I want us to evolve within the community in tandem with the construction work to take organic roots at Riverside Residence.

Contact Cătălin Postelnicu to find out more about the opportunity to purchase a property at Riverside Residence. If you like living in peace and quiet, schedule a guided tour, you are welcome to join us.