• Project Development

    Triple Living RO S.R.L.
  • Location

    Comuna Ulmi, Judetul Giurgiu (Nord), Bucuresti Vest.
  • Architecture

    1st Floor Architecture S.R.L. (Phase 1)
  • Master Planning

    Arcadis Project Engineering S.R.L. (Phase 1)


Trustul familiei Rațiu

Riverside Residence – Investors and partners

The Riverside Residence project is developed by a consortium of companies from Belgium, Great Britain and Romania. Real estate developers Skyline Europe and Parfinim (Attis) with 40 years of experience in the field have constructed more than 50 large scale real estate development projects in Belgium, Holland, Hungary and Croatia.

The Bellerive Group, presided by chairman Nicolae Rațiu, owns real estate investments in Great Britain and Romania, with a portfolio than includes very successful projects such as Carol Park Residence in Bucharest.

We focus on durability
  • Architects that share our vision
  • Top locations
  • Sustainable materials
  • Master techniques
  • High quality finishes

Real estate projects built with a long-term vision

Triple Living, the Belgian real estate developer, is a company guided by the mission to build superior quality residential projects, living ensembles that reflect an encompassing concept in each little detail, each house, each street, each green area to contribute to the overall picture.

We invest in ecologically sustainable living spaces

The development strategy for our projects is activated according to a master plan that includes each specific detail – from architecture to commercial spaces, landscaping, to integrating the community. We are a socially responsible company, our engineers are involved in all socio-economical aspects of our development projects, including the protection of the environment.

Trust is the best investment in real estate

In order to integrate our residential projects into the local social scenery, Triple Living is dedicated to consolidating long-term partnerships with local residents, local authorities and all other social and professional stakeholders involved.

A human approach

Triple Living will always stand for family and team unity, we are a big company with impressive results, yet our reach is on a human scale. We’re still working with the same engineers, the same investment partners, the same construction philosophy – to commit our endeavors for the benefit of the current and the future generations.

Nicolae Rațiu is the president of Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation, senior counsellor of Rațiu Democracy Center, general director of Regent House Properties Ltd and senior advisor to the Bellerive trust of companies in Great Britain, France and Romania, specialized in real estate development investment funds.

Bellerive Holdings owns real estate investments in Great Britain and Romania, including one of the most successful and sought-after residential projects in Bucharest, Carol Park Residence.