September 13, 2019

Riverside Aqua – Our daily water

The name Riverside Residence is more than a resonant name, it is a name that indicates the specificity of this area, an urban community developed in the middle of nature, surrounded by a natural river, rich in drinking groundwater, part of the Arges-Vedea hydrographic area.

Since the beginning of the project, the infrastructure works have consolidated the riverbed of an artificial river, built for the collection of rainwater, a river with a promenade that flows into the nearby natural river. We thought that people want this connection with water, and from a functional point of view, the artificial river is meant to collect rainwater, which is of great help for sewage systems. Additionally, a river with a promenade is absolutely wonderful for the developing community.

  • A fluid community experience

Our mission is to integrate the community spirit within the water circuit in nature.

People are naturally attracted to water; it is one of the main resources that support life, along with oxygen. At Riverside we want to combine the fresh air of nature with the fresh water, rivers and forest near Ulmi, for a long lasting friendship.

  • Our water – Pure and clean, good for drinking, bottled for connoisseurs

We drilled down to 65 metres to access a groundwater with water so pure that it strongly supports the health of the inhabitants. The water circuit in nature is an essential factor for the organic well-being of a community, and the specialised laboratory analyses exceed all expectations, the water from the Argeș-Vedea river basin and the F1 source contains all the necessary elements for the highest quality drinking water.

We bottled this water, it can be tasted by anyone, and in addition, our pure water flows freely to the tap of Riverside homes and is better to drink than many bottled waters on the market. The Argeș river basin offers a high degree of use of water resources, and most of the localities in the area get their drinking water from wells that reach the groundwater with pure water.

It is difficult to visualize and understand how groundwater can have a high degree of purity. When the rain falls or the snow melts, part of the water evaporates, part is used by plants and trees, part is collected in streams and rivers, and most of it seeps into the pores or cracks of soil and rocks to become drinking water if we drill a well to reach the groundwater. Drinking groundwater is rainwater completely filtered through pores or cracks in soils and rocks.

  • Chemical test report

For those who want to verify the accuracy of the information provided about drinking water in Riverside Residence, please request the chemical test report, a document available by email to one of the Riverside representatives.

If you are interested in purchasing a property in the Riverside Residence complex, please call with confidence and schedule a guided tour. Our representatives can give you all the details.

Telephone: 021 315 53 07