September 13, 2019

Theo Vieru – Seeing the forest and the trees – An interview with a Riverside Residence home-owner

We had an interview with Theo Vieru, a Riverside resident, on his way to Riverside Residence, one of the first householders in our green city, starting from his office in the Preciziei area, Bucharest.

Theo and his wife were looking for an apartment in Bucharest or a house in a neighbourhood of houses, in a central area or even a suburb. They had toyed with the 13 Septembrie, Bucureștii Noi, Bragadiru, Măgurele, Floreasca, Cotroceni, Northern Bucharest areas, including new real estate development projects. They found prices too high for over-rated conditions; lower as standard for what they wanted.

Moving into a house came as a necessity, they thought of the comfort of children. They lived on the 8th floor of a block and the plan was to find a property with a house to arrange it with garden, office space, children’s playground.

They even searched new blocks of apartments on the ground floor to arrange the space in front of it, but they found prices too high for buildings that do not justify their investment, or houses too old, with seismic risk, for which the bank does not grant investments, or real estate complexes whose house prices are rising from week to week.

The real estate market is almost a jungle in Bucharest, it is quite difficult for a person who is not 100% involved for several months to find an acceptable home.

  • How did you get in touch with Riverside Residence?

The advertising on Facebook mainly attracted me, the project is very well communicated on social media and on the website, I liked the description of the project, the Master Plan ideas and the development of an urban community within the natural environment. I consulted with the wife who was initially reluctant – maybe it’s too far away, maybe it’s still under construction and it’s going to be a construction site for a while, maybe the kids won’t like it.

After long consultations, we decided to visit Riverside Residence without calling before, to understand what this is about. We liked the idea at first sight and all the reluctance found logical explanations – it is far (for now), but access is easy, and the new A0 belt highway will solve any problems in the coming years. The area had potential for the future, and nature is all we needed.

We contacted the Riverside Residence office in Cotroceni, we chose a model of property and house from their offer and the following year the move was resolved. The houses were still under construction at the first stages after the completion of the infrastructure. The bank helped us too with the credit conditions, and the Riverside team handed us a long-awaited turnkey house after the construction was completed.

We are the ideal clients for Riverside Residence – we are mobile, we have our own means of transport, our own agendas. We have an apartment in Bucharest; we looked for an urban complex with natural roots for children. I am a HoReCa stainless steel furniture contractor for restaurant kitchens and workflow – I run my own company and make my own schedule according to clients and projects. For me, it is great to live at Riverside Residence. I have a workshop in Preciziei and it is relatively easy for me to travel home or back to Bucharest.

For the kids, it is absolutely great, they have fresh air at Riverside, it is easier for us too. Everyone wants in the city, close to the subway, close to the store, close to the mall, too big a hassle in the city, and the children have to learn the scent of fresh air before getting used to the traffic in the Capital.

  • What difficulties did you encounter when moving to Riverside Residence?

For us, being among the first residents, the handing over of the house took a long time. We agreed the model of the house, we booked, we signed, but it took a while until we actually moved since we arrived when Riverside Residence was still under construction. Lot 2 of houses is already next and there are many more options for people interested.

  • What is the experience of living in a residential complex that is still under development?

I am very pleased with the progress of the project, although there are still works, it is quiet, fresh air, the forest is very close, I completely disconnect. I figured out how to get home, living in Riverside is like a mini-vacation. Friends tell me that it feels like being at a seaside or in the mountains, an all-inclusive family resort. It’s relaxing. We are waiting for the new urban facilities in the near future – shops, landscaping, kindergarten. When children show up, priorities change, and most people interested in Riverside Residence have children and think about their future.

Currently, people who refuse a property at Riverside Residence do not see the forest for the trees, as they say. We need a bit of vision for the next years of development and the present investment will be worth a lot over 5 years.

  • What improvements do you recommend for the good of the Riverside community?

We are looking forward to the stages of landscaping, we have understood that the project is still under development at Arcas company (Belgium), but we know that it will be implemented in the coming years, we do not rush anywhere in particular, the promises have always been kept. However, I recommend an extra effort to maintain the gardens, both by the householders and by administration.

I am thinking of participating in the local administration team because there are many ideas that we can put into practice if we make a committee of the owners. I know from Mr. Cătălin Postelnicu that he also wants the same thing and I support such initiatives, they are for the good of the community.

You can contact a representative to find out more about the opportunity to purchase a property at Riverside Residence. If you like living in peace and quiet, schedule a guided tour, you are welcome here.