September 13, 2019

Visit Riverside Residence at the Imobiliarium real estate fair, between 21st and 22nd September

We are honoured to participate in the Imobiliarium real estate fair, between 21st and 22nd September in Piața Universității. You can meet us for personal discussions on both expo days and you will find out many details about the Riverside Residence project.

We have been participating at the Imobiliarium Fair for 3 years, from the beginning of the development of the project, we have managed to get close to the clients interested in investing in the properties of Riverside Residence, and the concept of interaction at the fair greatly simplifies the connection between people and the project. It is a major fair, dedicated to the residential sector and brings together an impressive number of new complexes, completed or still under construction. You can visit Riverside Residence in virtual reality – the project is scanned inside-out, and the visualisation is done including by drone view. You will like it for sure.

If you are looking for a property in a quiet and natural environment, we are waiting for you at the Riverside Residence booth; we welcome visitors on both trade days.

You can register early with a simple click here.

‘We have concluded a partnership with the Imobiliarium Fair 2-3 years ago when we are at the beginning of the development of Riverside Residence.

We liked their different concept. At conventional real estate fairs, people come and take leaflets, look at the models, but do not act in particular, there is no connection every time. At the Imobiliarium Fair a registration is made with a bracelet that contains all the information about the profile of a potential buyer – name, budget, housing interests, maintenance budget, etc. That way, clients know how to identify us depending on what they want, and we get a direct connection.

These bracelets are scanned at the booth to compose a highly functional database, one with potential buyers interested in Riverside Residence.’

Alex Hagea, GM Triple Living RO, Riverside Residence

You can contact our representatives to find out more about the opportunity to purchase a property at Riverside Residence. If you like living in peace and quiet, schedule a guided tour, you are welcome here.